Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My daughter surely gets her lack of patience from somewhere. . .

Well, the clock is ticking. B had her scope done this past Monday morning. She had an upper endoscopy and a partial colonoscopy as well. The prep was HORRIBLE (lots of hysteria, reflux, choking, gagging, throwing up in her mouth, etc from my poor girl)--- laxatives and enemas wrecked her nerves and system. She put up a huge fight when they were trying to put her under (via gas) but the procedure itself went very well--- they took a good amount of biopsies and the initial pictures look clear. Just impatiently waiting on those biopsy results. . .

My hat is certainly off to all of you moms and dads out there that go through these procedures routinely with your children. Seeing B so upset pre-op and post-op was certainly no shock, but it was not exactly a pleasure cruise either. During the enemas, she actually was screaming and crying hysterically saying, "That medicine killed my bottom!" and shaking all the while. I can't imagine having to put her through this on a regular basis-- we have been truly lucky that this was our first experience, since she has been dealing with this disease from day 1. But the good news of it all: she is bouncing back well. She is not eating more than a couple of bites a day at this point, but we didn't expect much more. She is having a harder time swallowing foods again, but once more, we expected this. Last night was a rough night but she was playing well today, other than a little extra fussiness. I am just hoping that whatever the results are, that they offer us a little bit more direction, maybe a few more answers.

Food trials will likely resume in another week or so and we are going for a biggie---- white beans!!! Either northern beans or cannellini!! So nothing canned, I will be preparing them the "classic" way. I will have a new slow cooker recipe to go along with them I am sure. And on an unrelated note, be on the lookout for an ice cream cone recipe. I want ice cream cones, for goodness sake, and my big girl deserves to have them! ;)

So for now we wait, watch the clock, and distract ourselves with the kitchen redo and with adventures to kid friendly jaunts. Hoping for some answers soon!!!

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  1. Hi Amanda and B
    Glad it is all over for you, Eskal do and icecream cone with B's safe ingredients, you can prob. get it on line it is a product of Israel. It does contain soy lecithin in minute amounts, Mitch cant do soy in any form but he is fine with these icecream cones, feels sooo good to give them a cone.
    Love Suna and Mitchy xxxx