Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Mama Top 10

Just a quick one-- here is my top ten list of recipes and foods that I am loving during my current elim diet. Hope I can help to share some info with those of you looking for new tasty options!

10. My new protein bars/pseudo cookies
9. Bridget's classic cornbread
8. Earth's Balance Coconut Spread
7. Homemade chocolate candy made in silicone molds---pop out a piece and go!
6. Sunflower seed butter and banana slices
5. Honey Kix-- my fortified snack food!
4. Safe Quinoa! I eat it with salmon and it is part of the bread recipe below!
3. New sandwich bread without the almonds of course! This is a great recipe blog-- please check it out!
2. Happy Heart Pancakes--- add chocolate chips (Enjoy Life of course!) or fruit to the mix for a truly delicious pancake!
1. English muffins Ok, so I don't follow her recipe fully--- I use completely different flours and I ditch the xanthan gum, but this is a great recipe to play with using your own or your child's own safe foods. They actually taste like english muffins!!! I used a combo of sorghum, quinoa and arrowroot instead of the suggested flours. This is also a great blog with recipes to check out and I love the title of her blog! And since you can't have english muffins without jam, I love the plain strawberry preserves from For the Love of June. These ladies are so awesome that my littlest girl has her middle name taken from one of these lovely ladies!

Hopefully there will be more at a later date, but until then, enjoy!

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