Monday, October 24, 2011

You Might Be an FPIES Short Order Cook IF. . .

1. You constantly scour cookbooks and internet sites for recipes requiring 5 ingredients or less

2. You remain suspicious of recipes/products claiming "allergy friendly!" due to your child's allergens generally topping the so-called hypoallergenic list

3. You become so accustomed to eggless gluten free cooking, that when making a "regular" cake you are baffled as to why your cake rose so much

4. You develop an affinity for apple or banana tasting baked goods

5. You have separate baking supplies for all of your allergy-free baking endeavors, to the point that your food allergic child will one day have a complete kitchen set when he/she moves out of the house

6. You are forced to purchase a chest freezer for additional long-term food storage

7. You regularly have cases of specialty foods show up on your doorstep so much so that your neighbors wonder whether or not you are starting a health food store on your front porch

8. The majority of your baking ingredients are foods that most of society is blissfully ignorant to the existence of

9. You regularly taste the batter of your baked goods before baking--- no raw eggs so what's the harm, right?

10. You fantasize about the day when your family will be able to enjoy the same meal, all together, and that meal will not consist of only enjoy life chocolate chips and ice water.

Add your own! This list could go on forever!

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