Monday, August 27, 2012

Its not common, but it IS possible. . . welcome to the FPIES Foundation's new website.

A little less than a year ago, I wrote this post below. After a year's worth of continued hard work and determination, I am happy to announce that The FPIES Foundation has taken things to the next level, expanding the Foundation's website and massively enhancing the tools available to families and medical professionals alike. As one of the foundaing members said, "no one needs to go through this alone" and The FPIES Foundation continues to deliver on this message, now offering even more diverse and useful tools to help families and medical professionals, from hospital to home, support the people who truly matter, the smallest of patients, our own little cutie pies. Here is that post from a year ago. Thank you for supporting us and helping us to help those in need. We will continue to deliver on our promise.

"It's not common, but it is possible"--- a statement far too many of us have heard and a statement that far too often leads to no answers and dead ends in our children's medical treatment and diagnosis. But today, this statement has a positive twist, as I am pleased to announce the launch of The FPIES Foundation.

It's not common that parents across the nation and often across the world can share the connections that we as FPIES parents share without ever meeting. But we do have these connections. Our stories are all different, but somehow all the same, and in our struggles, we have found unity, clarity, and comfort. Today, I invite you to visit The FPIES Foundation and to witness what these connections can build together. It is my belief that this Foundation will serve as a refuge for FPIES families and the doctors who support these families; a hub to find resources and support, all in the name of bettering the standards of care for the children diagnosed with FPIES. For your child and for my B-- for all of our children. It is not common, but truly, it is possible-- there is now a place that we all can call home.

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