Saturday, April 2, 2011

Help us raise funds to support FPIES research!

How can you help? Well, its easy, easy as pear pie! There is a current AVON online event fundraiser that I am managing All you have to do is SHOP using this link! And when you check out, be sure that "4MYBABYBEE" has been entered into the coupon code box on the checkout page. Attaching this code to your order will allow me to donate a minimum of 10% of the online sales for this even to the FPIES United Family Fund. And in addition to helping to raise funds for research, you can even get free shipping when you spend $30 or more!

So what is the FPIES United Family Fund? It is the first fund created to raise funds for FPIES research. It was created through the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia AND it has non-profit status due to this connection. This is the fund that, if enough money is raised, can help B and other children like her, maybe even your child or children. The current goal of the Fund is to raise $300,000 to support a 3 year FPIES research study through the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This research will hopefully lead to better understanding of this diagnosis, better awareness of FPIES in the medical community, and hopefully better options for treatments in the future.

Please visit for more information on the Fund and for additional ways to support our children. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's slogan is "Hope lives here"-- indulge in some beauty, raise funds for our babies, and instill hope in our families. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy shopping! (And also, since this is a cooking blog, the AVON sale DOES include the kitchen and bakeware!)

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