Monday, November 8, 2010

And back again

It's been a few days since the last post and we are just pluggin' along. Still no new food trials as we are trying to get this reflux med thing sorted out. The allergist wants us to give it a go once more at a half dose and then if her symptoms return for a couple of days, we can cut it out again. A little background--- omeprazole is our current nemesis, as it immediately caused my B's previously controlled reflux to become uncontrolled and continued to worsen it over the course of a week. By the end of those few days, NO ONE was sleeping much at all. She was up 5, 6, 7 times a night, barely napping or no naps at all, crying out in her sleep during the little bits of sleep she did have. . . The reflux was getting rough-- gagging and excessive swallowing, lots of wet burps and wet, painful hiccups. . . She also had some lower GI issues that we attributed to the probiotic, which we started at the same time (bad mama!), but interestingly enough, those cleared as well within 24-48 hours of stopping the meds. There are no known allergens in the med and we had it compounded without flavoring so nothing there either. . . sigh. Let's hope round two doesn't escalate too much. We really need to get on with these food trials!

The coconut yogurt has not been setting up for me, even with the addition of the arrowroot. It does smell like yogurt and tastes like yogurt (it tastes quite good in fact) but still is the consistency of milk. Instead of tossing this last batch, I think I will make little smoothies for B instead. Cook the fruit, freeze it, then puree it with the yogurt. It will be a thin smoothie, but she still balks at thick foods and drinks so it should be perfect consistency for her. With a little mango and banana, it will be a true tropical treat!!!

Some new recipes will hopefully be coming this way soon-- I have several updates to add, just need to find the time!! I promise to post soon! Until then, good luck and happy food trials to all! May they be productive and uneventful!!!!

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