Friday, November 19, 2010

Upping the Ante

Tomorrow we push ahead. The reflux has died down and the sleep has improved! Those are great signs! Still LOTS of undigested foods in B's diapers (sorry for the TMI) but her "standbys" are being digested just fine-- no signs of corn, bananas, pears, or quinoa. Just seeing a little mango and essentially all of the rutabaga. Since we have seen some lessening of symptoms however, I am increasing our rutabaga intake to 2 Tbsp tomorrow and will simply serve it mashed (I will chunk it and boil it, then mash it once soft). Hopefully things will continue to improve and maybe this will be the first food in B's history that actually has an adjustment period and not just something appearing to be adjustment that turns into reaction. That would be a HUGE milestone for her!!! :)

Since next week is a holiday, no new foods for us, but the following week I think we will approach and hopefully pass papaya. I think enzymes are what B needs to help kick some of these fails and I would prefer for her to have them in the form of a food if at all possible. I found  this great link that discusses using enzymes in foods on a rotation diet for optimal digestion. We would only use the pineapple and papaya ones but those seem like they would be most helpful in our situation anyways. Look for the paragraph that starts with "Dr. William Philpott."

As for next week, we have our big doc appointment at Children's so wish us luck! I am formulating questions now and will keep everyone posted!

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  1. I got a chance to read through that article Amanda....interesting...