Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I spoke too soon

Rutabagas may be very versatile for cooking but they are not in fact seeming to be very friendly. Like an hour after my last post, our rotten first night began. Lots of screaming, up and down. . . you know the drill. Reflux is flaring up again and she is being really finicky about eating safe foods. A huge diarrhea blowout this AM and some questionable diapers yesterday and earlier today. . . including the most foul smelling one we have had in awhile. We are still only at one tablespoon and I have given them to her boiled and mashed, in a rutabaga pancake and this AM as rutabaga fries (I even used my crinkle cutter!!!) I am so bummed that this trial seems to be going south but I really want to push ahead, hoping that we can start passing some foods again. It seems like she is cycling down again into her fail cycle and I was really hopeful that we would outgrow that.

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