Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day One of Omeprazole Retrial

Today B got a half dose of the meds in the AM and in the PM. Some reflux symptoms popped up, but all very manageable. The biggest changes were mood-- I had a very fussy, clingy girl on my hands!-- and this weird rash. It wasn't there right after I gave her the PM dose but a couple of hours later, this scaly, bumpy rash appeared all over her legs. No new lotions, fabric soaps, etc.--- we haven't changed any of this in months or more. It looked exactly like the rash she got when we were using soaps or lotions with soy in them (several separate occasions, same rash). The bumps are like the little bumps we saw in the patch test reaction areas-- very close together and scaly and red. The night is already off to a rough start but I am hoping that she pulls through. I think we will be emailing the allergist in the AM and saying that the med is a no go. We even had diapers this afternoon with undigested food again. . . Haven't had any since we cut out the med.

I am hoping that we can stop tinkering with non-food items and get back to food trials. The holidays are coming and I really wanted to add a few more things to B's list of safe foods. I hope we can be venturing into the land of rutabagas very very soon and them on to papayas!! Here's hoping for a night of sleep!

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