Monday, August 23, 2010

Hemp Milk Trial!

We are exploring the waters of Hemp Milk and are now on day two, with two tablespoons this AM. So far it seems ok, but there is some questionable stuff going on that we are hoping is simply adjusting. A blackish green explosive diaper 30 minutes after her afternoon nap and a HORRIBLE night last night for sleep. But she went to sleep in less time tonight then she has in weeks and she has been in a great mood, plus no reflux flaring up, so I am hopeful that this is simply an adjustment. To be on the safe side, we are switching from the unsweetened vanilla hemp milk to regular unsweetened tomorrow. I think tomorrow we will have enough to make arrowroot pudding (B is refusing to drink the hemp milk but I have been successful in sneaking it in her foods). Keep posted for some hemp milk recipes to come-- I plan on having fun with this food trial if it is a pass! So much versatility-- cross your fingers for us! I hope everyone out there that is in the midst of their own food trials is doing well!


  1. I am crossing my finger so I can benefit from it too!! :) I tried Arrowroot pudding but I didn't get it right and haven't re-ventured on it. It is bland since my little guy can't have sweeteners; and then I was just nervous (at the time) about him going over on carbs having it and making him sick (when it is so critical for him to not get sick right now because I am doing his new formula un-supported.
    I hope the unsweetened goes better, and you don't see any other weird diapers! It is the one my little guy tolerates!

  2. We have been doing the unsweetened vanilla (the regular has rice) and she has been fine with vanilla extract since about 10 months old, but we are now going to try the unsweetened original. Three explosive, loose and slightly mucousy diapers today (greenish black) and B told me several times this afternoon that her "tummy sad" which made me feel horrible. . . I hoping she heard that phrase somewhere and didn't come up with that on her own. . .

  3. Hi Amanda! Been a while since I have stopped in and wanted to say hi! I used your sorbet recipe for Olivia's birthday and made 3 different batches in pink, orange and green. I took a scoop of each and put in a bowl for her and served rainbow sherbert to the kids. It was a big hit! Thank you! I bought hemp milk today but am wondering if I should wait a do a few other basic food trials first that we haven't done yet (winter squash, spinach, pineapple). Any thoughts?