Monday, August 16, 2010

Moving through the pork trial. . .

Still going with the pork trial and today is day 4! Three more days to go! Today we increased her serving to 2 tbsp and so far we are about 1.5 hours in. It seemed to be smooth sailing until last night, about 6.5 hrs after she at 1 tbsp of pork. When I was walking/rocking her to sleep, she got those weird, heaving hiccups that she hasn't had in awhile. They were different from how they were with the spinach and the quinoa, very wet and I could feel her whole body heaving with them. They went on for about 15-20 minutes and then stopped as abruptly as they started. So hopefully, they mean nothing.

I really do hate these stupid food trials and all of the waiting and not knowing. I want her to catch up to her peers and I want her to ENJOY eating and I want to not have to read everything (and I hate that I have to typically punctuate that reading with "Nope, sorry sweetie, you can't have it") but I really hate these trials. It is hard not to read into everything and yet it is hard to know when you ARE reading into something or if you really SHOULD be concerned. And then when you think you are reading into it to much and you tell yourself to relax and then they have a full blown reaction the next day. . . BLAH. Sorry to vent but I really wish one of these food trials would just be NORMAL. Our corn trial and our arrowroot trials were the last ones that we had no symptoms of anything (other than the typical texture issues when we started the Kix) and those were in December and January. Enough venting!

So if the pork ends up turning out as a pass, I am thinking of trying mango next week. I CRAVED mango, banana and pineapple when I was pregnant so it will be funny to see if she really likes the mango. I would love to add more variety to think bland little diet and certainly some more color!!!!!

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