Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to her vegetarian ways once more. . .

Well, pork was a semi-bust. . . after hearing back from the allergist and much discussion and mulling over between my DH and I, we decided to pull pork for now on the basis that we and the allergist think it is either (a) a minor reaction building up to something bigger potentially or (b) her body is not yet ready to tolerate the fattiness/greasiness of the pork. So we are not writing it off entirely-- we are just going to give her body a few days off and start with a new food trial of something else. Either hemp milk or mango, maybe pineapple. We shall see. Decision will be by Monday!

Since stopping the pork on Thursday (she last had it on Wednesday), B has been sleeping so much better-- no crying out in her sleep, not up and down all night long. Also, the AM reflux is completely gone and the majority of ANY reflux symptoms during the day are gone. She only got the hiccups once today and it lasted all of a minute or so. AWESOME. I am a happy mama that she is feeling better but still really discouraged about the pork. It is good that it wasn't really a reaction like how we are used to dealing with, but I am still disappointed that we can't add it into her diet yet. She really liked it!!! It just didn't like her. :( Maybe the next trial will be a go! There are still a lot of foods out there to try and she is bound to be successful with at least some of them, right?!

Also, we got the news today that our patch testing is tentatively scheduled for the 6th of September, so I am super excited about this. I know they are doing a bunch of grains and milk but I am not sure what else will be tested. I really am interested to see about dairy, but I think we will still end up with a hospital trial for that one as well as wheat, based on what the doc told us. I will keep this updated as to our results. Hopefully it will be a good guide to help us build up B's very corny diet!!

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