Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Pediatrician!

So we are still a little under a week away from our first appointment at Childrens Hospital of Boston, but I ended up having to find a local ped for B so she could be checked for thrush, since now MY doc thinks I have thrush instead of mastitis (could they PLEASE pick one?! This has been going on since May!!!!). Well, B came back in the clear-- no signs of anything but a crazy active little toddler. Yay! So who knows what I have. . . Anyways, we got new growth stats!!! A little bit of weight gain and for us, still not great but it is the first time we have gained in months, and a good amount of height!!! B came in at 23 lbs even and 31.75 inches tall! She will be 17 months old at the beginning of next week, on my bday!!! Her weight percentiles are still low compared to what they used to be-- she never really rebounded after her avocado reaction, pesky old food!-- but she is moving in the right direction. We really liked the doc and the office is going to be fairly close to where we will be living (closing on the house in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!) Definitely beats our hour drive to the old doc in Japan!!!

Also, we are still in the midst of our spinach trial and nearing the end. Tomorrow I increase the amount to the full 2oz and the trial is over on Tuesday. So far, we are still seeing the bumpy red rash whenever she has a poo diaper and it is still very green, with what appears to be most of the spinach she ingested coming back out in the diaper. A little acidic, but it doesn't appear to be worsening. No rash on the couple of days we did not give her the spinach and no green diapers. There have been minor increases in reflux and sleep disturbances, but she is teething and we are still living in a hotel, so her environment isn't the most stable right now. We will continue to wait and see!

Here is a note for fun: Thankfully, B appears to have no issues relating to dyes. We had to dye her pears (pureed) blue last night to get her to eat them. We have to hide the spinach under the pears in the AM and call it "plankton" (B LOVES whales in a big way!) Ahh, dealing with the picky toddler! Never a dull moment!

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