Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mango Monday. . . da da, da da da da. . .

Started our mango trial today and gearing up for tomorrow's mango moment. B did pretty well with it and seemed to like the taste but then again it was like a little mango boat in a sea of cooked bananas. . . Haha. "Mango" has been one of her favorite words for a very long time (every juice bottle she sees, she proudly proclaims "MANGO juice!!!" I guess I drink it often. . .) and now she can actually eat the coveted fruit that she so often speaks of! She had a rough time going to sleep tonight but we are moving out of the hotel in the AM, so our day was fairly chaotic, so I am pretty sure she was just responding to our anxiety and all of the changes. We will have to take any sleep changes with a grain of salt, I think, since we will be in our new house this week (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I am sure it will take some getting used to for her. Plus, we won't have any furniture for another week and a half, so it might seem a little strange to her. Who knows!

Stay tuned for some new recipes about to appear here on B's kitchen blog-- hemp milk fudge, hemp milk frosting, hemp milk yogurt, and many many more to come! Now that I will once more be reunited with normal kitchen appliances, there is no limit to the things we can create with any and all new safe foods!

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