Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the Eve of Mango

Well, hemp milk is a pass!!!!! (when cooked!) So that is great! I am still having trouble getting it IN B, but hey, toddlers are known for their pickiness and she is definitely no exception. She is still nursing 8 or more times a day, so we really don't need to push it too much, though I will still be aiming for her to have 4-8oz a day, in one form or another.

So on to our orange friend-- mango! I craved mango constantly when I was pregnant (actually, I craved mostly orange foods-- go figure. Carrots, mango, oranges, cheese, and more cheese. . . ) so I am hoping that what she liked when in utero will transfer to something she can eat as a toddler. I have a whole bag of it in the freezer and am currently debating how to prepare it. Should be interesting! I will keep everyone posted! Wish us luck with our orange friend!

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