Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little bit of an improvement. . .

Ok, so today we tried ditching the spinach for a couple of days and replacing the vanilla unsweetened with the original unsweetened hemp milk. An hour or so after breakfast (she had 8tbsp hemp milk mixed with arrowroot, banana, my vanilla extract and a pinch of sugar-- hemp milk was boiled before adding. She also had her normal pears.) she had a nasty, slimy, green and explosive (oh my!) diaper and I thought "Crap! We're done for!"

Well, despite her ridiculously short nap today (after a very rough night last night) and some minor reflux flares, she seems to be doing a little bit better. Yesterday, her mucousy green diapers had increased to 4-5 a day and today there were only two-- one before breakfast and one after. The skin on her bum is much happier than its been in a while!!! Let's see how tonight goes, see if there is anything to this reflux and then see how tomorrow goes (16 tbsp of hemp milk!!!) and then we will weigh in. I am really hoping that by simply cooking the milk and by going with the plainest variety, that we will have a winner.

If things don't improve or if they worsen, I am considering stopping the trial for a few days, making the hemp milk homemade so I know EXACTLY what is in it, and then going from there. Based on my online research (which I understand is limited), there is little to no likelihood of her actually having an allergic response to hemp itself. So that gives me hope. I have a recipe for quinoa milk, which I am planning on trying anyways, but would really like the added benefits of the hemp. Hopefully there will be some positive news in the AM!

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