Thursday, August 26, 2010

More progress!

It seems as though our hemp trial is looking up! Today was day 5 and she had 16tbsp. I mixed most of it with her quinoa flakes instead of water and for the remaining milk, I mixed it in with her cooked banana slices. Again, she didn't eat all of it, but definitely most of it went in her little tummy. And once more we had an explosive, slightly less slimy green diaper a couple hours later but then nothing more for the remainder of the day. Her sleep last night was pretty good and she took an awesome nap today! She went to bed fairly normally and has not been up yet, which is an awesome sign. Tomorrow we are going to stay at the same amount and then maybe increase on Day 7-- haven't yet decided. I am very optimistic that we will be adding a new safe food. . . :)

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