Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Direction

So we are going to shake some things up with our current trial, other than the carton of hemp milk itself. We are still seeing increasing numbers of explosive diapers, green and mildly mucousy. I am hoping it is just an adjustment since we haven't seen any reflux and no vomiting. Other than her telling me "tummy sad" this afternoon, her behavior seems pretty normal for her willful toddler self. :) Tomorrow we are switching to the unsweetened original in case the vanilla flavor in the unsweetened vanilla is causing an issue and I am taking away the spinach for a few days (she has had green poo every day since starting spinach over a month ago because of the spinach coming out in her diapers) so I can see what her non-spinach poo looks like with hemp milk. Also, I am going to try cooking it to break down the proteins further and see if that helps as well. Tomorrow is day 4 and I am really really hoping that we see B turn a corner and start tolerating this stuff a little better. Maybe a pudding is in order. . . .

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