Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deja Vu

Finding ourselves once more on the eve of peanut butter! What?! Not again, you say? Nope, we are back yet again. I re-introed peanut butter into my diet and it went well, then we did the "at home skin test" today and nothing popped up on her skin. . . . here's hoping the weirdness that we saw earlier was merely a fluke. And if it is a fail, I hope we know quickly, conclusively and as painlessly as possible. I am nervous-- I can't lie-- but really trying to be hopeful. This would be a great pass! I think though we are really going to have to push through this one-- which I hate-- to be sure that there are no gray areas, no room for questions.

Our papaya trial has been put on pause because B won't swallow it anymore. The first couple of days of the trial, she drank the juice beautifully. Then she had a couple days of eating the fruit itself, quite happily, and begging for more when her "alloted" amount was gone. Then she had a day with very VERY minor hives around her mouth and lips, appearing 30 minutes or so after she ate the papaya. They cleared several hours later without any need for benadryl or anything. But now, she won't swallow the fruit when we give it to her. She is cheeking it and then refusing to eat anything else after having the papaya in her mouth. She ends up spitting it out in the end. I have tried all of our old tricks (she used to cheek almost all of her foods-- but she has not demonstrated this behavior outside of failed foods since she was just over a year old. The last time we saw this was with the beef fail.) I am sure that there is a behavioral component to this, regardless or not of any allergy issue, but am not all that sure how to overcome it. I even ground it up into tiny tiny bits (like a fine salsa) and still the same response.

So papaya is taking peanut butter's figurative spot on the bench and peanut butter is going to be back in the game tomorrow AM. Pray for a home run!!!

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