Friday, February 18, 2011

Reflux, can't you find somewhere else to live!?

So today was day three of the retrial and other than reflux flares (bad hiccups that upset her, lots of swallowing and some wet burps), nothing major. No crazy diapers and no vomiting. No nap but hey-- she will be two in a month so really. . . I am hopeful. The reflux has me a little cautious but I think we will just hang out at 1tsp of peanut butter a day and see how it goes. I have been alternating between putting it on her pancakes and mixing it in her quinoa flakes (so excited that we now have two different breakfasts to choose from!!! Yay!!!!) and she loves it both ways. I am hoping it loves her in the end! The rashes and hives have not returned, so that definitely makes for a happy mama. I am wondering if the bad day of hives we saw could be related to a cat food incident (no ingestion, but she was given cat food to feed a cat. I was not present-- was getting my hair done for the first time in over 6 months. Gone for one hour. Main ingredient in food? Rice. Not sure of any of the others but with her list of triggers, it could have been anything. Sigh.) I am hoping the hives were the cat food. Still no explanation for why we had minor ones the day before (no animal food incidents that day) but maybe it was a fluke? I think though-- in my uneducated and unauthorized opinion-- that if we were in fact dealing with an IgE to peanut, we would have noticed by now. It would have popped back up right away I am pretty sure. So either a safe food or an FPIES trigger. . . . the jury is out. Here is hoping for more uneventful days and no worsening of the reflux. We are pushing through all minor symptoms on this trial so cross your fingers for us!

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